06/1/2018: Feher Rubbish is no longer in business....We are sorry for any issues.

Public Notice

As you are aware Feher Rubbish, Inc. ceased to operate as of May 11, 2018. As a consequence, its employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders have been left with many unanswered questions and concerns.

With the appointment of a Receiver on May 23, 2018, we have begun to gather information and facts in an effort to provide an accounting to the Court.

We appreciate that you may have issues and concerns that you wish to have answered. Please feel free to use the attached e-mail link (receiver@feherrubbish.com) or call (800) 649-0315 to report your issue.

If you are a former employee concerned about your pay, you are encouraged to contact the New York State Department of Labor:

  • Missed Pay   –   (315) 428-4057
  • Public Works – (315) 428-4056

Customers who wish to pay for services performed by the company should mail their payment to:

Feher Rubbish Removal, Inc.
C/O Receiver
PO Box 110009
Syracuse, NY 13218-1009

Unfortunately, with the number of people impacted by the Feher situation, we may not be able to respond to complaints individually, but we will attempt to post periodic updates to this website when we have more information to report to you.

Thank you for your patience.